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Twin Rivers Water Park
18th and 4th Avenue
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Rhylander Park
Lincoln Ave., from 3rd Ave. to 11th Ave.

Named after a previous mayor of Plattsmouth, this large park provides activities for all ages. Its amenities include:

  • large pavilion with 6 tables
  • small pavilion with 1 table
  • grill
  • 12-foot lighted gazebo with benches around the inside perimeter
  • playground equipment
  • one-mile walking/biking trail, partly through a wooded area
  • baseball and softball fields
  • batting cage
  • soccer fields (bring your own goals and nets)
  • volleyball (nets are set up in the summer)
  • horseshoe pits
  • bocce ball area
  • good for flying kites  
  • handicapped-accessible restrooms (closed during the winter)



Garfield Park
5th Street and 2nd Avenue


Located in the center of Plattsmouth, Garfield has the following amenities:

  • large lighted gazebo bandstand with benches around the inside perimeter, ideal for weddings
  • playground equipment
  • picnic area
  • backstop for baseball (not regulation)
  • restrooms (closed during the winter) - not handicapped-accessible


Memorial Park
4th Avenue between 15th and 18th Streets


This spacious park in the southwest part of Plattsmouth has three covered picnic areas; one has five tables, one has one table, one has no tables. Other amenities include:

  • grill
  • playground equipment
  • 20' x 40' covered picnic area and two smaller covered picnic areas
  • walking/biking trail
  • softball fields (Little League baseball, softball and Legion baseball are offered as well as adult softball leagues.)
  • lighted basketball courts
  • Oak Hollow 9-hole disc or frisbee golf course that starts and ends at the main shelter (See map.)
  • handicapped-accessible restrooms (closed during the winter)


Park Water Restrooms (closed
during the winter)
Lights Electrical
Tables Playground
Garfield x x x x gazebo   x
Memorial x x (handicap access.) x x 3 pavilions 5 + 1 x
Rhylander x x (handicap access.) x x 2 pavilions,
1 gazebo
6 + 1 x


Plattsmouth Skate Park
18th Street, next to Memorial Park

Located behind the Water Treatment Facility, the skate park is a haven for skateboarders with its ramps and security gate.

Indian Springs Recreation Area
308 S. 18th St., behind the Community Center

This park has a covered shelter, a grilling area, and a five-acre deep fishing lake with a handicap-accessible fishing pier.

Tennis Courts
Bradford Dr. & Queensway

Caboose Park
Third & Main St.

This half-acre park features a 1913 Burlington Caboose built in Aurora, Illinois. The caboose was renovated by Cass County Historical Society volunteers. The park also features the Cook Log Cabin, an old-time threshing machine, tractor, and picnic table pad.

The public is encouraged to use the parks for family outings, events, or just a day to relax. To reserve a gazebo or pavilion, contact Kim or Sandy at City Hall (402-296-2522, ext. 301 or ext. 304). To reserve the Twin Rivers Park or a ball field, contact the Community Center (402-296-5800, ext. 203).