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The mission of the Plattsmouth Recreation Department is to provide recreation and cultural opportunities for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations.


1. Children under 8 years must have direct adult supervision.
2. Children 8-12 years must have an adult 16 years or older in the facility with them, but do not require direct supervision.
3. Must be 15 years or older to be in the upstairs fitness area and walking track. Click for TEEN TRAINERS course info (13-14yrs)
4. Children under 16 years must have direct adult supervision from someone 18 years or older to use the pool when no lifeguard is on duty.
5. Shirts and non-marking shoes are required at all times, except in the pool area.
6. Be mindful of your belongings. The PCC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
7. We ask that everyone use the equipment as it was intended to be used.
8. Proper etiquette, language and courtesy are to be practiced at all times.
9. Please report any faulty or damaged equipment to a staff member immediately.

Participants may call (402) 296-5800 for weather cancellation information. Notifications are also sent via phone calls, facebook posts and emails. General rule of thumb, if schools cancel or start late, morning group classes will be cancelled and evening classes and swimming lessons will be reevaluated 2hrs before the first scheduled afternoon class. Youth sports and activities will be cancelled if school is cancelled regardless of the weather conditions in the afternoon/evening. For the indoor/outdoor pools, we use a Flash-to-Bang count of 30 seconds. If we hear the thunder within 30 seconds of seeing the lightning strike, all guests will be asked to leave the pool and seek shelter for a minimum of 30 minutes. Click HERE to read the National Lightning Safety Institution's recommendations for swimming pool safety.

The Plattsmouth Recreation Department's programs and facilities are available for people of all abilities. If there is any accommodation that would make a program or activity accessible to you or your family, please notify our staff 48 hours prior to the start of the program.

No refunds are offered on memberships other than those moving to a location 15 or more miles further away from the current address and providing the required documentation for verification. Refunds for one-day activities must be requested prior to their start. Refunds for all other activities, excluding athletic leagues, must be requested prior to the start of the second class. After the second class, refunds are only offered on a prorated basis when medical documentation of inability to participate is provided. Refunds for athletic leagues must be requested prior to the teams being picked. Membership’s expirations may be extended for days missed when medical documentation is provided. In all cases, the department prefers to offer credit for future purchases.

In addition to cash and checks, all major credit cards are accepted, and debit cards are honored. Monthly auto debit from a checking or savings account is also available for monthly memberships.

Photos of people participating in recreation programs or using the facilities may be used for the department’s brochures and website. All photos become the sole property of the department.

The Recreation Department has the rights to change programs and activity fees, dates, and times without prior notification. Even though every attemp is made to check and double check the accuracy of program, event, membership, etc. information, there may still be errors in our Recreation Brouchure and/or website. Please call us if you feel something is incorrect for confirmation.

The department does not provide insurance for injuries suffered while participating in programs or using facilities. Therefore, we urge everyone to contact your insurance carrier in the event of an accident.

The Plattsmouth Recreation Department does NOT allow anyone to:

  • Endanger the safety of others
  • Use verbal or gestures of profanity
  • Engage in fighting
  • Use tobacco in the facility
  • Be under the influence of drugs/alcohol
  • Misuse or abuse the equipment or facility
  • Verbally or physically abuse staff

Staff may require violators to leave and/or suspend or revoke any memberships for any length of time without refunds.


  • We are not a licensed childcare. Therefore, you must stay in the facility while your children are in the childcare.
  • The childcare is for newborn to 7 years old. Older siblings may take younger siblings to the gym if they are 16 years old.
  • If your children HAVE NOT been free of vomit, diarrhea, or fever for 24 hours please do not bring them to the childcare.
  • We DO change wet and dirty diapers, but please make sure you have changed them before you drop them off.
  • We DO NOT provide diapers or wipes; so if you do not have these with you we will come get you if your child needs to be changed.
  • We DO NOT provides snacks, but feel free to bring snacks for your child.
  • All children need to be signed in and out of childcare.
  • All children need to have a punch card in childcare or a receipt at check in of childcare.
  • All punches on punch card are for up to two hours. If you work out for less than two hours your card will still be punched. After 10min. your card will be punched again.
  • All punch card sales are final and no refunds will be giving on unused punches.


Updated Age Policy starting August 1, 2014