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Adult Titles


Acts of violet by Montimore, Margarita
Armored by Greaney, Mark
Ashton Hall by Belfer, Lauren
Backstory : a psychological thriller by Myers, William L., Jr.
A ballad of love and glory by Grande, Reyna
Beautiful disaster by McGuire, Jamie
A beautiful wedding by McGuire, Jamie
Bloodmage by Aryan, Stephen
The boardwalk bookshop by Mallery, Susan
The book woman's daughter by Richardson, Kim Michele
Children of Dune by Herbert, Frank
Cold cold bones by Reichs, Kathy
Community klepto by Hitchcock, Kelly I.
Counterfeit by Chen, Kirstin
Devonshire scream by Childs, Laura
Disappearing Earth by Phillips, Julia
Elsewhere by Schaitkin, Alexis
Escape by Patterson, James
A face to die for by Johansen, Iris
The favor by Murphy, Nora
The fisherman by Langan, John (John Paul)
Flying solo by Holmes, Linda (Radio talk show host)
For those who are lost by Thomas, Julia
Free fall by Mehl, Nancy
The gatekeeper by Byrne, James (Writer of suspense fiction)
The girl who survived by Jackson, Lisa
The girl you killed by Wolfe, Leslie (Fiction writer)
God emperor of Dune by Herbert, Frank
Grass roots by Woods, Stuart
Here for the drama by Bromley, Kate
The hotel by Kelley, Pamela M.
The Hotel Nantucket by Hilderbrand, Elin
The house across the lake by Sager, Riley
In the blood : a thriller by Carr, Jack
The island of missing trees by Shafak, Elif
It all comes down to this by Fowler, Therese
Jackie & me by Bayard, Louis
The latecomer by Korelitz, Jean Hanff
The lies I tell by Clark, Julie
Listen to me by Gerritsen, Tess
Local gone missing by Barton, Fiona
The locked room by Griffiths, Elly
Meant to be by Giffin, Emily
Meant to be mine by Orenstein, Hannah
The messy lives of book people by Patrick, Phaedra
Ming tea murder by Childs, Laura
The murder rule by McTiernan, Dervla
Nantucket News by Kelley, Pamela M
Nora goes off script by Monaghan, Annabel
One by one by Ware, Ruth
The Pallbearers Club by Tremblay, Paul
Pekoe most poison by Childs, Laura
Red warning by Quirk, Matthew
Redeeming love by Rivers, Francine
A rip through time by Armstrong, Kelley
Rock of ages : a Junior Bender mystery by Hallinan, Timothy
Sparring partners by Grisham, John
Steeped in evil by Childs, Laura
Suspects by Steel, Danielle
The sweet life by Fisher, Suzanne Woods
Thank you, next by Christopher, Andie J.
Thrill of the hunt by Brown, Rita Mae
Until leaves fall in Paris by Sundin, Sarah
Walking disaster by McGuire, Jamie
Where the road bends by Fordham, Rachel
The wild one by McKeegan, Colleen
The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels by Holton, India
The woman in the library by Gentill, Sulari

Large Print Fiction

Book lovers by Henry, Emily
Counterfeit by Chen, Kirstin
Country born by Miller, Linda Lael
A face to die for by Johansen, Iris
The family plot by Collins, Megan
Flying solo by Holmes, Linda (Radio talk show host)
An honest lie by Fisher, Tarryn
The Hotel Nantucket by Hilderbrand, Elin
The replacement wife by Kane, Darby
Robert B. Parker's Revenge tour by Lupica, Mike
Sparring partners by Grisham, John
The wedding dress sewing circle by Ryan, Jennifer
When she dreams by Quick, Amanda


Brannigan's land by Johnstone, William W.
Bullets and silver by James, Nik
A killing in gold by Cotton, Ralph W.


In the blood by Carr, Jack
The long weekend by Macmillan, Gilly
The patron saint of second chances by Simon, Christine
Something wilder by Lauren, Christina
Take your breath away by Barclay, Linwood

Non-Fiction Audiobooks

The anxiety healer's guide by Seponara, Alison
The anxious investor by Nations, Scott
Created equal by Carson, Ben
Happy-go-lucky by Sedaris, David


The abundance of less by Couturier, Andy
ACT prep plus 2023
Arrival stories
Back to the prairie by Gilbert, Melissa
Bridges out of poverty by Payne, Ruby K.
Cat & Nat's mom truthsstruggle of motherhood by Belknap, Catherine
Classic country toys by Wexler, Bruce
The complete practical guide to small pets & pet care by Alderton, David
Crying in H Mart by Zauner, Michelle
The easy diabetes desserts cookbook by Phipps, Mary Ellen
Eat to beat depression and anxiety by Ramsey, Drew
Ebay by Collier, Marsha
GED test prep 2022-2023
GRE prep 2022
Half baked harvest every day by Gerard, Tieghan
Half baked harvest super simple by Gerard, Tieghan
Here's the deal3 by Conway, Kellyanne
Home learning year by year by Rupp, Rebecca
Killing the killers by O'Reilly, Bill
Light from light by Barron, Robert
Modern Japanese crochet
Modern Japanese painting techniques by Fukui, Shin'ichi
The month-by-month gardening guide by Bohmig, Franz
Other minds by Godfrey-Smith, Peter
The spy who knew too much by Blum, Howard
This is not a pity memoir by Morgan, Abi
Train : the definitive visual history
Ultimate guide to eBay for business by Spencer, Christopher Matthew
Wedding hacks by Eisenhart, Maddie

Nebraska Collection

The women who built Omaha by Wirth, Eileen


The 355
The Batman
The last kingdom. Season five
National champions
Ray Donovan : the movie
Redeeming love
A tale of two guns
Tyson's run
The wedding veil
Without remorse

Non-Fiction Videos






Teen Fiction

Hope is our only wing by Tavengerwei, Rutendo
Kingdom of ash by Maas, Sarah J.
Under the never sky by Rossi, Veronica

Teen Graphic Novels

Demon slayer, v.1-12 by Gotoge, Koyoharu
Dune. Tales from Arrakeen by Herbert, Brian
Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, v.0-3 by AidaIro (Fantasy comic writer)
Ultimate Spider-Man, v.1,3,6 by Jemas, Bill

Juvenile Titles

Board Books

On the night you were born by Tillman, Nancy

Easy Books

The camper by Copertino, Laylah
Forty Winks : a bedtime adventure by DiPucchio, Kelly
The library fish by Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
The meanest of meanies : a book about love by Hensley, Kristin
Mouse seasons by Lionni, Leo
My ocean is blue by Lebeuf, Darren
Oona and the shark by DiPucchio, Kelly
Poky, the turtle patrol by Kanan, Diana
The smart cookie by John, Jory
Some questions about trees by Yuly, Toni
The tale of the whale by Swann, Karen
Trees make perfect pets by Czajak, Paul

Juvenile Audiobooks

The battle of the Labyrinth by Riordan, Rick

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Ain't burned all the bright by Reynolds, Jason
Rising seas by Thomas, Keltie





Juvenile Fiction

Babe : the gallant pig by King-Smith, Dick
Captain Underpants and the big, bad battle of the Bionic Booger Boy. Part 1, The night of the nasty nostril nuggets by Pilkey, Dav
Captain Underpants and the revolting revenge of the radioactive robo-boxers by Pilkey, Dav
Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-a-Lot by Pilkey, Dav
Don't check out this book! by Klise, Kate
Hollywood, dead ahead by Klise, Kate
Legend of the ghost buck by Walker, Lane
The Loch Ness punster by Klise, Kate
Over my dead body by Klise, Kate
The phantom of the post office by Klise, Kate
Till death do us bark by Klise, Kate
Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor by Zhao, Xiran Jay

Juvenile Graphic Novels

Challenge of the Super Sons by Tomasi, Peter
Dune. House Atreides by Herbert, Brian
Dune. House Atreides by Herbert, Brian
Dune. House Atreides by Herbert, Brian
Escape to Landis by Pearson, Ridley
The Foxglove mission by Pearson, Ridley
Lowriders blast from the past by Camper, Cathy
Lowriders to the center of the Earth by Camper, Cathy
Peanuts guide to life by Schulz, Charles M.
The philosophy of Snoopy by Schulz, Charles
Snoopy vs. the Red Baron by Schulz, Charles
The wisdom of Woodstock by Schulz, Charles